Include The Ticker Tapes Into Your Investing Process

The ticker tapes are those endless running lists of numbers and symbols at the bottom of the screen you have probably seen in some financial channels or websites dealing with trading at the stock market. You have probably seen it, and you have probably ignored it as many other do, mostly due to lack of any clue what those numbers represent and how it could be of any use.

Contrary, there are many professional traders and market analysts taking advantage of ticker tapes since they know how to “read” these symbols and how to diagnose current trends at the market according to the tickers. So, if you want to improve your trading skills and learn some tricks, trading experts use every day, read this brief explanation of the tickers and visit for additional educational material and courses.


Simply said, ticker tape is a continuously running list of numbers and symbols that automatically record and display all price changes of all stocks being traded at that moment.

It is a system that gives you an insight to all transactions currently happening on the exchange floor, showing data in real time or with some slight delay. Every code on the ticker tape includes several numbers and symbols.

The first symbol indicates the company and according to the number of letters in the symbol, you can even figure out where the stock is being traded. Symbols with three letters usually refer to New York or American Stock Exchange. Nasdaq is marked with four-lettered symbols.


Following symbols and number show you the volume of the stock, fluctuations of the price compared to the previous trading day and the difference between current and the previous rate.
To make the reading of the tickers easier, the system uses color schemes. The stocks marked green are the ones with rising prices and those labeled red are stocks with falling rates. If the price of a given stock is pretty much constant and steady, the arrows are gray or not displayed at all.

Since ticker tape monitors market changes continuously and records it in the real time, you will see these numbers and letters scrolling throughout the whole trading day. There are too many stocks being traded at the same time.

The tickers usually display only those stocks with the highest volume per trade or those with the most significant changes in the price.
When using ticker tape on your personal trading platform, you can customize the list and monitor only the stocks that you are interested in. The trick is, however, not to sit all day long and stare into running numbers, but to learn how to get a wider picture about ongoing trends in the market by analyzing ticker tape. It should help you improve your skills when predicting the future movement of rates. It enables you to know better how to spot lucrative opportunities, where and when to expect them and finally how to invest your money with the least possible risk levels.

Author: Isabella Connor

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